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Emily Barroso

Emily's first book, After the Rains, 2011, won a Jerwood/Arvon first novel award and her subsequent two books are set in Wales. Her plays, The Call, 2015 and Enslaved, 2017 have been staged at Unveiling Festival in London and Hiraeth Arts Festival in Wales. Emily is also a Creativity Coach and Writing/Arts Mentor. Her highly commended poem, Scapegoat was published in On the Edge an e-publication, in 2019. She leads retreats and workshops in Wales and across the UK and hosts one to one intensive coaching sessions online. A former publisher, she is a book developmental editor/book doctor with over 25 years of experience as well as a teacher of the arts in a therapeutic capacity. Her visual art is currently on tour in galleries across North Wales as part of the Aldanio exhibition.

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