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Is A Place to Write the right retreat for you?

There are many providers of retreats across the UK and, if you are thinking of choosing A Place to Write, we want you to make the right choice.

Primarily, we offer genuinely personal, supportive, homely retreats with a caring, knowledgeable, host who will work with you to help you in the ways you choose.  For example, we let you select how much or how little of the scheduled programme you follow - and you can change your mind at any time. When it comes to writing: if you want us to push you to hit targets and offer proof-reading, feedback, continuous mentoring, or any other form of close support, we will do so; if you want us to step back and let you write at length on your own or at a group table, we will step back. For Unique Shakespeare Retreats, we will facilitate the retreat that suits you - whether you want to be speaking at the heart of debates or prefer listening on the fringes; whether you have studied Shakespeare for years or barely have knowledge of a single play.

Our retreats are YOUR retreats and we will do anything and everything we can to provide you with a valuable personalised experience.  For this reason, while we are environmentally conscious and work to sustain our local area of outstanding natural beauty, we currently offer a full menu - based on your own dietary/allergenic needs, balanced with the rest of the retreat group.  We will meet you off the bus, and provide free collection and return to the nearest train station.  Our rooms are all spacious and ensuite, with towels, bathrobes, refreshments and tea/coffee making facilities as standard.  We offer places to read, write, think and be inspired - both inside and out - whether in your room or in shared spaces; at a group writing table or relaxing in our gardens, looking out over the stunning Dee Valley.

If you join us at A Place to Write, YOU will be the star of the show - not our tutors, not our glorious venue, not our fantastic home-cooked food (prepared with care every day by Wendy).  YOU are what matters.  So you can come here with confidence whether it is to write in silence for every hour of the day, or to meet, socialise, discuss and broaden your appreciation of literature, or simply to relax and be pampered.

As always, please call us if you have any specific questions or requests.

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