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Atmospheric misty green mountains extending off into the distance

A Place To Write, Individually or With Others

On our writing retreats we aim to provide an inspiring place to write with the individual support you want or need. We know that means different things to different people so our days are structured, but we are happy for you to opt in or out; you choose where you work and rest; we provide the refreshment and enjoyable extras; we design it all around YOU.

As our programme develops, the format and structure of each retreat grows more individual.  In broad terms our tutored retreats include a workshop each day, alongside structured writing time, and one extended one-to-one session with the tutor, alongside informal opportunities to get feedback and advice. Each day of an untutored retreat generally follows a standard format which you are free to follow or adapt to your own needs and pace of progress.  Please contact us if you want to discuss further before booking.  As a guide, the following is the structure of a typical tutored retreat day:  

Breakfast (8am)

A full menu of hot breakfast items with an extensive cold buffet and copious amounts of tea, coffee and juices to set you up for the day.

Session 1

9.15am-11am - after a brief goal-reviewing period each morning, tutored retreats begin with a short exercise-based tutor-led session on an aspect of writing from developing characters to enhancing structure, creating convincing dialogue and exploring narrative style.

Break 1

11am-11.20am - we will ring our bell to let you know that tea, coffee, juices and biscuits are served in the lounge where our extensive library can inspire and support you. It is up to you whether you choose to join us or not: we won't interrupt your flow unless you tell us to.

Session 2

11.20am-1pm - you can choose to work in the same place, move to another room or even find your own unique space to create. As always, we will support you to write in peace. A tutor is available for one-to-ones.  

Lunch Break

1pm-2pm - a light lunch in our dining room, with a packed lunch option available if you fancy heading out into Corwen, the Dee Valley or the surrounding hills for a walk.

Session 3

2pm-3.30pm - write, walk, climb or simply chill: the group table or the desk in your bedroom will be available for writing in silence, or you might choose to seek inspiration in our landscape. From Caer Drewyn, with its iron age fort, or Pen-y-Pygn, with its lookout over Corwen and beyond, the local landscape offers walks on the flat or over the hills. The perfect chance to get some air and breathe!

Break 3

3.30pm-3.50pm - Take afternoon tea in the lounge, with a special 'home-baked scone' day every Thursday!

Session 4

3.50pm-5.30pm - more focused writing time in the room of your choice OR drop into the guest lounge where we will be sharing and discussing short films and documentaries on aspects of writing.

Free Time

5.30pm-6.45pm - Refresh in your ensuite bath and shower; rest on your kingsize bed; visit Corwen or, if with transport, nearby Llangollen or Bala; select something from our library to read... the time and the choice is yours.


6.45pm - Join together for an aperitif followed by a home cooked meal at the grand table in the dining room (vegetarian and vegan options always available) with dessert and coffee to follow.


The rest of the night is your own: you can head out into the local community if you wish - but we have a range of puzzles and games, DVDs and books for your entertainment, as well as a TV in every bedroom and at least one post-dinner challenge each night. Participation is optional but you might not want to miss out!

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