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A Year to Remember

Last week I received an email from the wonderful Sue W - a writer on our first ever retreat in May 2023. Sue remarked on how quickly a year had passed and I have to agree: it's difficult to remember a time when we weren't hosting retreats at A Place to Write - we've gone from a single retreat in May last year to the point where, by the end of this summer we will have hosted more than 60 writers of all genres in 2024 alone.

A bottle of prosecco and a glass on a garden table, with the main house above and behind the table
Prosecco and Sunshine

Alongside the growth of our writing retreat programme, many of you will know that we have also begun developing a range of fresh new retreats for different audiences across the UK and the USA. The first of these will be our Unique Shakespeare Retreats - featuring five days (and nights) of play readings, panel discussions, workshops, lectures and other creative opportunities, all focused on - and inspired by - some of Shakespeare's most famous texts. The 'Tragedies' retreat in November is already almost sold out. But that's not all: we are currently putting the finishing touches to a new range of events offering a chance for individuals to be pampered in comfort on a short break designed to relax, renew and reinvigorate anyone who just needs some time for self-care. This week's writing retreaters have jumped the gun, in fact, with two of them booking lengthy massages with one of our masseurs to complete their writing retreat experience. Look out for a section of our website appearing soon, alongside online adverts, with full details of our pampering retreat venture.

three ladies on a hillside, posing like artists deep in meaningful thought
Previous Guests out on a Caer Drewyn Walk

And then there are the Christmas retreats - for those who want to build up to the main event with a unique arts, crafts and cookery experience designed to make preparation for the festivities. Watch this space. Finally, we have just started work on a programme of 'work at your leisure' retreats for 2025, where we will provide full board accommodation, superfast internet and everything required to work during the day and explore the surrounding area, landscape and activities in the evenings and at other free times. A place to work where it won't feel like you're working! Designing and developing this retreat, and the other retreats we offer and will be offering in the near future, is making sure that life at A Place to Write is not dull.

A young man standing on a hillside surrounded by wild plants. He is giving a thumbs up to the camera.
Alex amid his Landscaping Project

Well. that's all for now on this brief update. Look out for news of our groundworks to improve the facilities across our land, all undertaken by youngest son, Alex, on a brief return from Australia. These developments include creating the option to sit on our newly refurbished, sun soaked terrace and order a refreshing drink via a simple QR code. The drink will then be delivered to you in situ, while you gently write and catch the steam trains running through the valley.... Wine o'clock will take on a new dimension!

For now, I have to run to set up another series of one-to-ones with the wonderful Emily Barosso. As Sue W made me realise (she's made me realise many things since her visit last twelve months ago!) it has been a year to remember.

Thankfully, 2024-2025 promises much, much more of the same.

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