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What a week it's been!

As our first full retreat draws to close, it seems that so much has happened that it's hard to know where to start. Above all, three talented writers have made great progress with their writing over three wonderful days across three very different forms and topics. Seeing and hearing their ideas and sharing the development of their thinking (and writing) has been fantastic, and the glorious setting and resources of our home have contributed greatly to that. But the real lesson of this week has been the rediscovering of my love of literature, life and helping people develop: it feels as if all the strands of my previous experience - from commercial training projects to leading the English Department in a state secondary school to researching and writing my doctoral thesis - are all coming together in this new venture. And I have loved it. Better still, so have our first three writers, whose different approaches to life have seen one taking an ordinance survey map and venturing out on an extended hike or run each day; one snapping amazing photographs of the retreat and our surroundings (some of which now feature on our website); and the third rediscovering the joy of creating new writing after an extended pre-retreat period of writer's block. A Place to Write offers a truly unique writing retreat experience - personalised and led by the individual writers and their goals - and I can't wait for the next one!

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